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These Hands: Stories of Care & Compassion

 Download "These Hands: stories of care and compassion - Volume 1" [PDF - KB]

 Download "These Hands: stories of care and compassion - Volume 2" [PDF - KB]


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Dear Reader:

At this moment, exceptional events are unfolding within the walls of our health care entities and throughout our communities. Miracles are taking place, tragedies are occurring, lives are nurtured and some slip away. A tiny hand grips a nurse’s finger, wounded hands are healed, and weathered hands are held. In the daily and nightly world of health care, stories abound.

At Centura Health, we strive to provide the kind of care that touches, heals and strengthens people in such a way that a compassionate story can unfold from any encounter.

We’re pleased to share the second volume of “These Hands: stories of care and compassion,” a book provided by our Mission and Ministry Department. Among the 25 stories included here, you’ll read about a small, enormous kindness by one of our doctors, a maintenance worker who played guitar for a dying patient, a child’s example of generosity, and little wooden crosses that bring peace and comfort. Each story highlights one of our guiding values: compassion, respect, spirituality, imagination, excellence, stewardship, and integrity.

Our hope is that these stories will serve to inspire and encourage all who read them – whether shared as a reflection in a meeting, or read during a quiet moment of personal reflection. We encourage you to write and preserve your stories as well.

Thank you to the authors, our own associates, for sharing these stories. Thank you also to Stephen King and Susan Hébert, senior vice presidents of mission and ministry, for their leadership of this project and for encouraging a culture of story-telling. Most of all, thank you to every member of the Centura Health family for the care and compassion with which your hands carry out our mission every day in every aspect of this ministry.

For information on how to submit a story for future volumes, contact missionandministry@centura.org.




Gary Campbell
President and CEO
Centura Health

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