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Centura Health Stroke Network

Acute Stroke... Cerebrovascular Disorders... Brain attack...

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All are different terms for a very frightening event that can be fatal or change your life forever.  It can happen at any time.  It can happen at any age.  And when it does happen, time lost equals brain lost.

Right Door, Right Time

Having comprehensive expert care at your side immediately when stroke symptoms occur can save your life and decrease the debilitating effects of a stroke. That's why Centura Health has created a stroke network to provide immediate, life-saving care to our communities, including seven hospitals that have been certified by The Joint Commission as Acute Primary Stroke Centers, two of which have comprehensive capabilities; and all connected.

The Centura Health Stroke Network’s 25 years of combined certified care help Coloradans and western Kansans know how to prevent and recognize strokes, and offers leading-edge diagnosis, treatment and resources to assure the best quality of life for patients should a stroke occur; and remains with you for the journey of recover, rehabilitation, and support after a stroke. Our Stroke Network is delivered by a highly professional, multidisciplinary team of experts. We are recognized for the highest quality programs delivering the best outcomes.

Centura's Rapid-Response System of Care

“Stroke is not confined to elderly overweight smokers who have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. There are other risk factors for stroke that are especially important for women under 55.

This year, more than 100,000 U.S. women under 65 will have a stroke. Centura Health has the passion, focus, technology, talent, and connected system to give the most advanced chances of reversing the disability of an acute stroke if it strikes you or someone you love.”

 - Rhonda Long, MBA RN

Much has been learned about the causes and prevention of stroke.  Many strokes are preventable due to the many risk factors that an individual can change in their life; if it does occur effectively treatable due to a connected stroke system of care. In fact, a vital component of our network is a coordinated, multidisciplinary rapid-response system of care for the treatment of a stroke victim and their family.

Stroke is sudden and a 9-1-1 emergency because the treatment you receive in the first few moments and the first hours of a stroke can save your life and help reduce debilitating effects. Call 9-1-1 for initiation of rapid treatment and transport into the Centura Health Stroke Network

Ask to be taken to a Centura Health Stroke Certified hospital by ground or air EMS. As a leader in health care, Centura Health treats more stroke patients than any other health care system in Colorado and western Kansas. We offer the combined resources of 25 years of certified stroke care in Colorado and western Kansas, more than any other provider – combined.

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 2012 National Stroke Association Stroke Center Network Member

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