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Regional Float Pool

The Centura Health Regional Float Pool is a system wide float pool. Nurses who are part of the pool have flexible schedules and competitive wages, work in multiple locations in the system and benefit from a great work environment. What kind of people make up the Centura Health Regional Pool? They are nurses who look outside themselves - past their own immediate duties - to find ways to serve others as Christ would do.

Being part of Centura Health means that health care is more than a business. It is a calling. Everyone who works for Centura strives daily to extend the love and respect, as well as the excellent care, that each of our patients deserve. We look forward to you becoming a part of the Centura Health family!

Call Regional Float Pool at 1-720-528-0500


Why We Were Established

The Centura Health Regional Pool was designed to create a system wide float pool to assist Centura Health facilities in staffing clinical nursing positions. Those involved in the development of the regional pool included the CNOs (chief nursing officers) and representatives from Finance, Human Resources and Operational Effectiveness. The ultimate objectives of the Centura Health Regional Pool are to:

  • Implement consistent skill and experience of associates;
  • Implement standardized orientation and staff evaluation methodology;
  • Assure a more highly prepared nursing pool team, based on consistency of training on Centura systems, processes and facilities;
  • Deploy a dedicated, centralized team that continually meets Centura Health facilities' staffing needs and that share the Centura Health mission, vision and values.

As the largest health care family in Colorado, Centura Helth has a sacred duty to provide our patients with skilled and compassionate care, while also being good stewards of our resources to assure long-term viability. Centura Health is led by carefully selected professionals with outstanding experience and abilities who believe that integrating the mind, body and spirit is essential for real healing.

Why Centura Health Regional Float Pool?

  • Part of a non-profit faith based organization- our goal is to become world-class healthcare in Colorado as well as the nation
  • Great hourly wages, with night and weekend differentials
  • Flexibility to set your own schedule- work a minimum of four to six shifts per month
  • Work at any 12 locations including Mtn clinics and Sr. Living Services throughout Colorado, choose a minimum of three facilities
  • Gain staff tenure and participate in our pension plan (403 B) free of cost (after a minimum of 1000 hours worked)
  •  On-site training avaiable for Meditech and RFP orientation at facility of your choice.
  • First confirmed and last cancelled
  • 24-hour support
  • You are a Centura associate
    •  Have a Centura email and receive communication from all over the system
    •  Easily transferred to a full-time associate
  • No mandatory meetings
  • Great team environment and support
  • Part of an elite team
  • Reviews and evaluations on a regular basis

Call Regional Float Pool at 1-720-528-0500


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