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Flight For Life® Colorado

Critical Care Transport for the Rocky Mountain Region

Flight For Life® Colorado provides critical care transport with four helicopters operating within a 120-mile radius of our five Colorado operations bases at St. Anthony Hospital, St. Francis Medical Center, St. Thomas-More Hospital, St. Anthony Summit Medical Center, Mercy Regional Medical Center, three ambulances and two airplanes. 

Equipped with the industry's most current technology and experienced, knowledgeable team, we transport patients across several states in the Rocky Mountain Region and assist search and rescue agencies with specialized services including aerial search support and our Avalanche Deployment Program. 

History of Flight For Life® Colorado

Flight For Life is the nation's first, and still one of the finest, air medical transport programs. Founded by St. Anthony Hospitals in 1972 with a single Alouette III helicopter, Flight For Life® Colorado was the first hospital-based air ambulance program in the United States and has served as the model for more than 300 flight programs worldwide. From its humble beginnings, it has grown to be a regional air medical and critical care transport program responding to nine states in the Rocky Mountain Region. 

A Community Resource In Every way

Flight For Life is a community service operating out of Denver, Frisco, Pueblo and Colorado Springs, and provides critical care transport for a nine-state region. Flight For Life® Colorado transports patients to the most appropriate hospital, operating within the Colorado trauma system rules for trauma patients.

Our most frequent destination is The Children's Hospital in Denver, but patients are also transported to several hospitals along the front range and the western slope. We assist many search and rescue agencies and offer specialized services to them including aerial search support and our avalanche rescue programs.

Our transport capabilities include the specialty areas of neonatal, high risk obstetrical, intraaortic balloon pump and mountain rescue transports.  

Serving Patients' Needs First

Flight For Life transports patients to the most appropriate medical facility, regardless of affiliation and can be requested by any physician, pre-hospital agency, fire department, law enforcement agency, ski patrol or search and rescue group.

When a patient is in need of emergent transport, financial status is not a consideration and Flight Flight For Life® Colorado responds regardless of the patient's ability to pay. Because of this, and the high costs of our aviation services, our operating expenses are high. We depend on corporate and private donations to support our capital equipment needs.

Learn more about supporting Flight For Life® Colorado through the St. Anthony Health Foundation...

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