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Choosing a Hospital

Information from The Joint Commission

Selecting quality health care services for yourself, a relative or friend requires special thought and attention.  The Joint Commission has prepared this information to assist you in making your selection.  Knowing what to look for and what to ask will help you choose a facility that provides quality care and best meets your needs.

You may not always have the opportunity to choose the hospital from which you receive care, especially in an emergency.  However, when you or a loved one has a planned admission to the hospital, obtaining some important information first can help make your hospital experience a positive one.

Discuss Options With Your Doctor

Begin by asking your doctor about the advantages or special characteristics of each hospital where he or she practices.  Your doctor can help you select the hospital that is best for you.  You should also verify which hospitals are accepted by your insurance, HMO or PPO plan.  Then visit the section on The Joint Commission website to see what questions to ask to help you determine which hospital meets your needs.

Keeping Colorado Healthy

The Colorado Hospital Association represents all types of hospitals throughout Colorado: private and government-operated, metropolitan and rural, investor-owned and not-for-profit.  Our members care for more than 471,000 people in general, academic, specialty and rehabilitation hospitals.

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