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Spirituality & Healing

A Covenant of Caring for Our Communities

Centura Health is a faith-based, nonprofit health care system that serves Colorado and western Kansas with services from birth to hospice care. 

Our mission is to extend the healing ministry of Christ by caring for those who are ill and by nurturing the health of the people in our communities.  Our vision is that Centura Health will fulfill a covenant of caring for our communities with excellence and integrity to become their partner in life.

Spiritual Health & Wellness

Because of our faith-based mission and whole person, holistic-care approach afforded through our sponsors Catholic Health Initiatives and Adventist Health System, Centura includes spiritual health as an essential aspect of overall well-being.  As part of our sacred work, we believe that the body, mind and spirit work together to promote optimal healing.

Centura honors the unique spiritual needs of all we serve, no matter their faith, creed or belief.  We strive to create sanctuaries that offer a variety of programs, services and resources to support you in the healing process.

Countless studies and professional articles consistently indicate that spiritual wellness has a positive impact on physical health.  Spiritually healthy people tend to have less disease, and they often recover more quickly and with fewer complications.

For more information on spiritual care offered throughout the Centura Health system, please visit the Spiritual Care Team section. 


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