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Roadmap to the Future of Health Care

Intensifying our Focus to Get Better, Get Different and Deliver Optimal Health Care Value


Our mission is to extend the healing ministry of Christ by caring for those who are ill and by nurturing the health of the people in our communities.


Centura Health will fulfill a covenant of caring for our communities with excellence and integrity to become their partner for life.

Centura Health 2020 Strategic Plan

The Next Phase of Centura Health 2020

Centura Health 2020 has continued to evolve since 2009 and has served us well in charting the course for the future of health care. The challenges that inspired Centura Health 2020 have proven to be very real: Health care has been on an unsustainable track, with skyrocketing costs and inefficient systems.

Over the last four years, we have focused on creating systemness, helping Centura Health to operate in a more integrated, unified way. Over the next three years, we will build upon that foundation and converge to optimize value, requiring an intensity of focus to get better and get different.  Our commitment to strengthen our foundation, create systems of care and move upstream to manage health continues to guide our focus to deliver value.

By becoming a leader in demonstrating and delivering optimal health care value, Centura Health will answer the needs of consumers, payers and employers and become a trusted partner for the future of health care.

What is Centura Health 2020?

Centura Health 2020 is our plan for creating a stronger and healthier tomorrow.

At Centura Health, we recognize the challenges faced by today’s health care providers, which is why we launched a system-wide strategic plan to improve the quality, consistency, availability and affordability of health care to communities throughout the region.

Centura Health 2020 charts the course for the future of health care in Colorado and western Kansas. We collaborated with thousands of Centura Health key stakeholders, including physicians, associates, patients and caregivers, major employers and rural residents, to map out the Centura Health 2020 Plan.

Aimed at creating a more consumer-centric environment for health care, Centura Health 2020 raises our bar for delivering extraordinary care. There are three main elements to the Centura Health 2020 Plan: strengthen our foundation, create systems of care and move upstream to manage health.

 Strengthen Our Foundation

Providing associates and physicians with the tools to reach their full potential and care for our patients. Those tools include advanced medical technology and electronic health records (EHR) to ensure quality care and patient safety, as well as initiatives to increase associate partnership and satisfaction.
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 Move Upstream to Manage Health

Helping our patients, residents, and associates learn to make smarter choices about their health by promoting wellness and preventive care that is “upstream” from traditional health care. It also means reaching rural communities with access to care, education and support.
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 Create Systems of Care

In order to truly unlock the power of our system, our experts continuously collaborate on best practices and innovative ways to care for our patients and residents. We seamlessly connect our shared resources to care for our communities, with special emphasis on integrated systems of care that include cardiovascular, trauma, oncology and neurosciences.
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